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TCS knows the Value of a Great Shot & the Value of a Great Tree!

Maintain the beauty and functionality of your golf course with help from our professional arborists/foresters. We provide a full range of arboriculture services for the trees on your course. We understand how the trees affect the course, which allows us to carefully assess their health. Our company provides you with the information you need to care for your trees while also taking into consideration the overall golf experience. Which trees can your golf course can afford to lose? Golf Course

Golf Services

Independent Inspection and Action Plan and in-house training

Complete Hole by Hole Survey:

  • Gives you information about the Health of your trees, insect or disease problems and Hazards & possible Liabilities on your course.
  • The report will identify trees in need and options for those trees.
  • Our report lays out options for your course to help with the reduction of hazards and possible liabilities..

Also includes 4 hour Training for Course Personnel on:

  • OSHA General Duty Clause
  • Chainsaw Safety / Man lift Safety
  • Weekly Inspection / Tree ID / Insect & Disease ID / Soil Problems
  • Systemic Injection Systems
  • Soil Treatments

Parks & Recreation for Local Governments

TCS can provide the same services for local parks and Recreation Areas

Arborists want the best for their customer's trees.